VIDEO: Taiyamo Denku Featuring Jojo Pelligrino – “Rap Genius”

Certain things are just undeniably dope, and that’s definitely the case for Taiyamo Denku’s latest video, featuring Staten Island native Jojo Pelligrino. The track was produced by Australian beatsmith DCypha, so literally none of the components of this record are geographically near one another. When that happens, but you have a track worthy of a visual treatment, what do you do? Animate. That’s what you do. Juan “Big Herc” Hernandez stepped in, providing a creative flair, with an 8-bit inspired video of what it would like should all three of these artists get together. The track is lyrically heavy, but the visuals put this one on a whole new level. Check out “Rap Genius” below:

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