For the last few years, GGOOLLDD has created a consistent buzz around themselves, making them one of the best known names in the Milwaukee music scene. Recently, though, the band decided to collectively take a step forward, committing to perpetually touring and making music full-time, working hard for a national breakout. The band returns home on Thursday to the Johnson Controls World Sound stage at Summerfest, and we chatted with bassist Nick Ziemann to see where the band is headed from here:

B&E: We’ve seen that the band is on the road a lot now. How has touring been going?

NZ: It’s awesome. We’ve been living in a van for 4 months and have loved every minute of it. Dirty socks smells and all, we have never felt more at home. I’ve seen more parts of the country in the last six months than the rest of my life combined. It’s freeing.

B&E: Is there a plan to settle back down in Milwaukee at any point?

NZ: Our only plans as far as settling are to stay out of the snow. There’s nothing worse then playing a kick ass tour in 75 degrees and then driving home into a snow storm (laughs).

B&E: The new single, “Secrets” is out. When can we expect a new EP or album from GGOOLLDD?

NZ: I like turtles.

B&E: Now that the band is touring more, does coming back to play Summerfest feel any different this time around?

NZ: It’s always fun playing shows in Milwaukee. We get to play for the people that have supported us from the beginning and there’s definitely a sense of camaraderie.

B&E: Are you planning on seeing anyone else at Summerfest this year?

NZ: Definitely the Chainsmokers. (Definitely not the Chainsmokers)

B&E: Lastly, what’s the one place you absolutely have to go to when you’re back in Milwaukee?

NZ: Barnacle Buds!

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