INTERVIEW: CFM & The Cairo Gang


In some senses, High Dive is becoming one of the venues in the city where almost any genre of music is not only welcome, but works. On Tuesday, June 27th, the Riverwest bar will welcome fuzzy indie acts in LA-based band CFM & Chicago’s The Cairo Gang. In preparation for the show, we talked with Emmett Kelly of The Cairo Gang and Charles Moothart of CFM about their co-headlining tour. Something tells me they’ll fit in just fine in Riverwest:

B&E: Introduce yourselves! Who are you?

EK: I’m Emmett Kelly.

CM: Charles Moothart.

B&E: For those who haven’t heard you guys before, who/what would you say your band sounds like?

EK: Pots and pans down a staircase, if you were Pan on pot.

CM: I would have to assume that most nights we land, sonically, somewhere in between confusion and the color red. On other nights, we think about Motorhead and hope that Lemmy floats in and buys us all Jack and Cokes. But only when we are doing Funkadelic covers a capella.

B&E: On a co-headlining bill, how do you guys decide who plays last?

EK: A consultation with the Oracle.

CM: We play a game of 1-4-24 and whoever wins gets to decide which game of chance will decide who plays first the next night. We like to stay ahead of schedule.

B&E: Have you ever gotten to play Milwaukee before, or is this your first trip?

EK: I fucking love Milwaukee.

CM: We have played a couple times. It rules.

EK: We always love to hear a good tour story. What’s been the craziest thing that’s happened so far this time around?

EK: Spaghetti Boy’s left arm turned into a squid in Merfreesboro at the gig at Zeke Mulrooney’s Pleasure Palace and he ended up having to play lying down on top of a steam heater(Alison) in order to congeal his fingers enough to finger the notes in the freak out section of That’s When It’s Over. Thank God she/it was there, cuz when the bottom falls out, it can be a crop dusting and not the good kind. But what the fuck was that? A fucking squid? It was “weird”.

CM: I’m in my apartment right now daydreaming about the weird conversations that will happen when we get home from this tour. Once we leave I will know if I was right.

B&E: Lastly, you’re coming to Milwaukee. What’s the beer of choice for you guys?

EK: New Glarus!

CM: Riverwest Stein.



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