There’s a new generation of hip hop collectives vying to make a name for themselves this summer. One of those groups is Don Life, featuring Milwaukee emcee Prophet, who drops his new EP, “The Journee” today. We caught up with Prophet to see what went into the making of this project, as well as to learn more about him as an artist. Check out “The Journee” and read the interview below:

B&E: Introduce yourself! Who are you?

PROPHET: My Names Lataurus Jenkins, better Known as “Prophet” I was born in Jackson Mississippi, February 2nd, 1997, but have been raised in Wisconsin since the age of 6. I Like ALL Anime, Documentary Movies and I enjoy reading The dictionary. Lol I know, right?

B&E: How long have you been making music?

PROPHET: I’ve Probably been making music for roughly 10 years. If not it’s pushing 10.

B&E: We saw that you have a new project coming out. What can we expect from “The Journee”?

PROPHET: Well “The Journee” is strictly for my fans. For everyone whose stuck with me over the years, following my progression, This is more like a “Thank You” tape for all of them & it’s strictly Hip-Hop! Hella bars! (Insider: *The Journee is really The Journey Before I Drop My First Solo Album This Summer Entitled: “NICHCARI”.)

B&E: Who (or what) inspired this album? Any artists that you listened to a lot?

PROPHET: For This Project I really found myself engulfed in Jay Z’s “Reasonable Doubt” album, Some Of Kanye’s “College Dropout” album, a bit Of J. Cole’s “4 Your Eyes Only” album, and some Of Michael Christmas’s “This Is Art” mixtape.

B&E: Outside of yourself, who are your favorite Milwaukee artists to check out?

PROPHET: I’m a big fan of my guy Grizzly Don Life, who also Has A Project “Before Dan II” dropping June 25th. I also really fucks with Weekend Neely. He’s a dope ass producer who has the bars to match. I like other fellow artists such as LeanBeatz, Water.lo, IshDARR, Sonie Ballin, & Renz Young.

B&E:  Lastly, where can people find you (Facebook, Twiiter, etc.)?

PROPHET: Instagram: @whos_prophet
Twitter: @Whos_prophet
Facebook: @Lataurus Jenkins
SoundCloud: @ Whos prophet
YouTube: @Whos Prophet


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