REVIEW: come out. you’re hiding by Flor


After months of teasing, dream-pop group Flor released their long awaited debut album “come out. you’re hiding” last week, giving the world a fresh twist on the concept of indie music. Gathering more and more attention recently whilst joining the record label Fueled by Ramen earlier this year, both the alternative world and fans of the band have undoubtedly been holding their breath in excitement for its release- and boy was it worth it. “come out. you’re hiding” (affectionately nicknamed ‘co.yh) can be described as nothing less than utterly dreamy, a perfectly synth-tinged compilation of tracks complete with an electronic, colorful tempo.

The quartet have been together and officially making music since 2014, touring along the way with the likes of other iconic indie artists such as Halsey and Hayley Kiyoko, giving the group a larger exposure to an ever-growing fanbase.  After the release of their bubbly 2015 EP “Sights & Sounds”, their careers really took off and they’ve been on a roll ever since, touring the country, recording music, and landing various festival lineups nationwide.

“come out. you’re hiding” even features several renditions of the group’s beloved, older songs (hit “warm Blood”, “heart, and “unsaid”)- but with a clear remastering making them more vivid than ever. “Warm Blood” is an unconventional indie love song, dripping with affection and sweet, gentle verses like “Your whispers and sunlight, cold hands feeling for mine.” It is a soft, synthy track reminiscent of an innocent, pure love.

“heart”, the following track, begins with a faint, mysterious hum that progresses into an upbeat, hopeful tune as lead singer Zach Grace’s vocals layer and blend with the steady rhythm.

The third remastering was the album’s eighth track, “unsaid”. The slower, keyboard-heavy instrumental tempo radiates vibes similar to those of something vintage, similar perhaps to new wave 70’s groups. Zach’s voice is tinged with longing, paired with lyrics like “Are you with me? Please say you’re with me, I can’t be alone.”, the song tells a story of desire and intimacy- an underlying theme throughout the album as a whole.

Another standout of the album was the ninth and second-to-last track, “spoiled”- something both similar and completely different to their previous works. It opens with a soft and steady electric beat, followed by Zach’s soft vocals. The song builds and the tempo grows faster, accompanied by an echoing chorus asking, “So what is it that’s keeping me spoiled?” A short instrumental break and constant, pulsing rhythm integrate perfectly and will undoubtedly make the listener want to dance. This track is slightly darker than the others, but pulls together the beauty of the whole work in a pop-infused manner.

There is no question that flor are going nowhere but up, and fast. Their fresh, uniquely dreamy sound is something entirely new and a perfect soundtrack for your summer (and honestly, all seasons). These four guys, Zach Grace (vocals), Dylan Williams (bass), McKinley Kitts(guitar), Kyle Hill (drums), have a special, combined talent accompanied by a passionate drive that has created something astounding. “come out. You’re hiding” is a lyrical and instrumental masterpiece that takes the listener on an adventure touched with a youthful love, wonder, and angst. You can listen for yourself on their Spotify, here, and be sure to keep an eye out for them throughout the year- they’re going places.

grade: A+

favorite tracks: guarded, warm blood, spoiled

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  • This review for the album ‘Come Out. You’re Hiding’ is fantastic, and I agree with all the aspects of the album that Lily has talked about here. I’ll share this review with my friends, and ask them to share their opinion.

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