AUDIO: Wavves – “You’re Welcome”

With a flurry of distorted drums and buzzing guitars, Wavves is back with their new album, “You’re Welcome”. The follow up to 2015’s “V” is every bit as catchy as the album that preceded it, blending pop melodies over punk rock energy and aggression. The format isn’t anything new, in fact, it’s reminiscent of how The Ramones won fans over on their early albums, but Nathan Williams and Wavves manage to put a refreshed face on that sound with every release.

While the album opens to a familiar sound from the band, the first true standout song on the album is “Million Enemies”, a mid-tempo rocker with a hell of a hook that carries the song, along with it’s imposing back beat. The pop side of Wavves’ sound is also fully embraced on the, dare we say it, chipper track “Come To The Valley”, which sounds like a track straight out of late 60’s/early 70’s psychedelia, and frankly, makes you want to buy the world a Coke. While there’s a great deal of pop here, this is what we’ve come to love about Wavves as a band, and it all works in the context of the album.

Most of “You’re Welcome” lives in a grey space between punk, indie, and bubblegum pop music, and it all is somehow done in a way that doesn’t sound like any one of those genres definitively. The album is a fun, buzzy record as a whole, and is worthy of several spins. Check out the album below:



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