AUDIO: Misterwives – “Connect The Dots”

It’s been over two years since the Misterwives’ debut full-length, “Our Own House”, and in that time, the band has grown significantly. Today the group returns with their sophomore effort, “Connect The Dots”, and while the band shows that they’ve slightly matured in their sound, they still have the same hunger to become a breakout act that they showed on their first album.

The album leads with the angsty single, “Machine”, a call of defiance to the traditional music industry, well, machine. This feels significant, and lyrically, similar tones about being thrown into the industry spin cycle appear sporadically on the first half of the record, in “Chasing This”, fittingly about chasing the band’s dreams, and “Only Human”. The album touches on a few different topics, such as the “Revolution”, which addresses the current state of the world, and flip flops from a darker sounding verse to an uplifting chorus.

In terms of overall sound, the band hasn’t lost the indie pop sound that carried them as emerging artists on “Our Own House”. A lot of the songs on this album sound like they would translate over very well to the live show, which is what the band is becoming increasingly known for. A sophomore release, especially for a band as relatively young as Misterwives, should have some pressure attached to it. Extensive touring, however, has given the band enough experience to mature into their current form, while still remaining eager to do more. You can check out “Connect The Dots” below:

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