AUDIO: Sharrod Sloans – “May Flowers Part 1”

The artist formerly known as Pizzle is back with the first of two projects, his first releases since 2016’s “Grand Design”. “May Flowers Part 1” is the first installment of two tapes to drop this month, and Sharrod doesn’t hold back, creating arguably some of his best work in the process. With a Tupac interview clip explaining that he didn’t care about the criticism surrounding his albums serving as the intro, you get Sharrod’s mentality going into this project. Whereas “Grand Design” was his foray into appeasing people with a well crafted album, there’s no pretense that this is the music he wants to make, with no concern for the critical response.

“May Flowers Part 1” overall is more street-friendly than most projects put out under the Pizzle moniker, and while not completely a jack project, there’s elements of the jack music sound that typically comes from north side artists. Nothing has changed on the verses, however; Sloans and features from Mike Regal, 1BG Shaq, Munch Lauren, and Flash Gang Mikey obliterate any production in their paths with verses full of quick metaphors and clever wordplay. This tape will be rattling plenty of trunks this summer, and there’s still a whole other project to come. Get right for the summer with “May Flowers Part 1”, which you can check out below:

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