DC The Don is a name that literally came out of nowhere to us when we first heard him. Rather than sending us a single or an album, DC’s name emerged because his song, “Everything 1K”, was featured in the announcement video for Lonzo Ball’s $495 Big Baller Brand shoe. Almost overnight, DC was getting mentions from Complex, Uproxx, Bleacher Report, and even the New York Times due to his collaboration with one of the most publicized stories in sports in the last few weeks. We reached out to DC to get to him a little bit, and you can check out our conversation, as well as a new track from DC and Lonzo Ball (AKA ZO2) below, since Soundcloud pulled their “Free Smoke” remix.

B&E: For those out there that haven’t heard of you, introduce yourself! Who are you?

DC: I’m DC The Don, 17 year old from The Mil.

B&E: You’re from Milwaukee, but currently out in Chino Hills, California. How long have you been out there?

DC: When I was turning 16 I moved in with my pops out in Long Beach.

B&E: People are noticing you from your placement in the Big Baller Brand shoe announcement. How did that come about? Did you ask to be in the commercial?

DC: Lonzo’s a close friend. He asked to use “Everything 1k”, and of course I said “go ahead”.

B&E: You have a couple songs with Lonzo Ball. Is there more on the way that we should be looking out for?

DC: Whole lot of everything coming soon, stay tuned

B&E: How do you feel about making a name for yourself out in California, when a lot of people back home are first finding out about you (us included)?

DC: I just started making music five months ago, so it doesn’t really surprise me. I’ve always made music growing up, but never took it serious until around January of this year.

B&E: You’re playing AAU ball right now with Lamelo Ball. If you had to pick between rapping full time and playing ball professionally, which one would you choose?

DC: I just wanna be one of the best to ever do it. Rockstar lifestyle, and push the culture. (Music)

B&E: Are you close with all three of the Ball brothers?

DC: Yeah, they’re my bruddas.

B&E: Any chance that you’ll have Lavar Ball managing you, or that you’ll be signed to Big Baller Brand?

DC: Nah. I’m signed to Run Music, family owned. We gonna keep it in the family.

B&E: What are your upcoming plans? Dropping a project any time soon?

DC: Yeah. My debut project is gonna be titled “Purple Hearted Lion”.

B&E: Finally, and this is crucial, did you at least get a pair of the ZO2’s for being placed in the commercial?

DC: (Laughs) I’m tryna get them just like everybody else bruh!


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