INTERVIEW: Simon Mustafa

simonmustafaMilwaukee’s hip hop scene is diverse, with many different styles and sounds changing with the neighborhoods that the music is coming from. On the East Side, Simon Mustafa is looking to make a name for himself within the city’s hip hop scene and beyond. The 19 year old emcee attends UWM, and while he’s still a college student, he’s very much a student of the music industry as well. He hopes to use all of this knowledge to his advantage with the release of his upcoming EP, “AboveItAll”. We caught up with Simon to talk about what he’s up to and where he’s headed:

B&E: Your project is coming out soon. What artists influenced the sound of it?

SM: Off the top of my head, if I were to name at least two artists who influenced this release, I’d say that El-Shareef’s “Matching Verts”, and WebsterX’s Daymares inspired me throughout my writing and beat selection process. Definitely when it comes to El’s laid back flow and WebsterX’s honest, yet inspiring lyrics and production.

B&E: As a young artist, do you feel like you still have more to develop in your sound?

SM: As a young artist, I’d agree I still have more time to develop my sound and experiment with several different things. At the same time though I believe within each release I find myself more and how I want to express that depending on where I’m at in my life at that exact moment.

B&E: Do you prefer to listen to the new generation of hip hop (Migos, Future, etc.) or the older generation (Pac, Biggie, etc.)?

SM: To be honest, my answer changes everyday. It really all depends on what mood I’m in though and the context of the situation. Like for example if it’s my dad and I just chilling around the house on a Sunday afternoon I’d automatically play that Eric B. & Rakim “Paid In Full”, but when me and the random girl I just met on Instagram link up for the first time, I’m definitely not going to get the aux cord and play some boom bap classic rap unless she’s just that lit, but normally I’d rather vibe out to some of that new Drake or Kendrick.

B&E: What artists or producers would you most like to collaborate with?

SM: Man, I’m so glad you asked that because honestly as of lately I’ve been seeing so much talent within the local music scene. Whether it be producers or artists, my list is pretty long but the first few off the top of my head right now I’d say Lucien Parker for sure, Maajei Vu on production, and $HUNMILLIONS as well.

B&E: After the EP, what’s next for you?

SM: After we release the EP, I have a few different exciting things lined up that I will announce in due time as well as things I hope to get into but we’ll be for sure announcing the first few stops for the official AboveItAll Summer ’17 Tour shortly afterwards, so be sure to look out for that!

B&E: Finally, where can people hear your music or see you live?

SM: For anyone interested, feel free to connect with me on my website,social media and SoundCloud as well! You can find me at my WebsiteSoundCloudYoutube, and Instagram.

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