DC The Don Featured in Lonzo Ball’s Big Baller Brand Sneaker Ad

Even if you don’t really care about Lonzo Ball’s ridiculous $495 Big Baller Brand shoes, there’s a connection to the local hip hop scene, as Milwaukee born artist DC the Don’s track “Everything 1K” is featured in the commercial. The track kicks in just as Lonzo unveils the shoe, and while we can’t say we’re rushing out to buy the kicks anytime soon, the track is already taking off, and will likely be more popular than the shoe in the long-term. Check it out at the 1:34 mark:

DC The Don is listed as living in Chino Hills, California on Twitter, and we’re assuming he either attends UCLA or is friends with Ball. The video for “Everything 1K” is out, and at last look has already amassed 25,000 plays. You can check out the video in full below, and hopefully DC continues to represent his one-time home city in the future:

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  • DC plays for chino Hills and BBB aau team with Melo and he raps. Do some research

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