New Pornographers Rock Out at Pabst Theater

Bright colored lights and a stage full of instruments stared the audience in the face as they awaited New Pornographers to take the Pabst Theater stage. It no time at all, the large band of eight people came out and people admittedly went nuts. No, porn didn’t take place; I swear, they are musicians.

Anyways, their lights went brighter, the first strums of the guitar played and the group was rolling. The band didn’t introduce themselves or anything; they went right to playing. They were there to play, so that’s what they did.

I didn’t mind this, since they are all incredible musicians. Four of them sang throughout the show and they all harmonized so well with one another. I felt like each member was a piece of the puzzle, and put together they create something wonderful with their songs like “High Ticket Attractions,” “Colosseums” and “Champions of Red Wine.”

I loved seeing all the different instruments they used and how it brought their sound to life. During the concert, I saw a harmonica-like instrument, a violin, shakers, drum sticks, and more, all used to add to their songs.

When the band is on stage, you can tell they feel the music and go with it. They don’t have a lot of big theatrics or any crazy moves on stage. The group just plays their songs and sways to the music naturally. I totally respect this. It’s nice that bands just do their thing, because essentially we are there to hear them play songs.

However, I wish to see something more. I wanted a little more oomph to the performance. Song after song, it felt like the same over and over again. Nothing stood out as particularly amazing. Don’t get me wrong, they weren’t bad, and I enjoyed listening to them. I just wish there was more to their performance to get me really pumped up.

The audience enjoyed the show too, jumping around and dancing to the point where the floor was shaking. But, at times, the audience was quite tame for the most part. There was mostly just swaying and head bopping, fitting to the mood of this mellow concert.

After playing nineteen songs from all of their albums, including “Sing Me Spanish Techno,” “Whiteout Conditions” and “Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk,” the band did their typical exit before an encore. The crowd clapped and cheered and sure enough they came back out to play “We’ve Been Here Before,” “Brill Bruisers” and “The Bleeding Heart Show.” All three of these songs had high energy and really closed out the concert well.

Overall, New Pornographers had a successful concert and made their fans happy. Hopefully next time, we see some improvements on their performance.

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