VIDEO: D’Amato – “B.P.A. Free”

If you’ve seen D’Amato live before, you know that his persona combines skill and style with quirk and comedy, and it all blends together to create a wonderful enigma of sorts. The mixture of hip hop and R&B, and all things funky in general is what you get from him, and that’s on full display in his new video for “B.P.A. Free”. The track comes from his “Counterfeit Paradise” album, and there’s a plethora of local artists making cameos, including (but not limited to) Airo Kwil, Bo Triplex, Moses, and many more. If this is your introduction to D’Amato, be prepared to digest some of the most charismatic, fun music that you’ve heard or seen in a long time. Check out the video for “B.P.A. Free” below:

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