AUDIO: Dope Folks Records – “Brew City Rappin'” (Rare 90’s Milwaukee Mixtape)

The work that Dope Folks Records does, headed up by John Kuester (AKA Kid Millions), is largely underrated. Part archivists, part record label, Dope Folks puts out rare hip hop releases, largely from Milwaukee, for re-release, and in doing so preserves music that might have been lost in the abyss otherwise. In celebration of Milwaukee Day, Dope Folks Records came up with an hour long mixtape of rare Milwaukee hip hop, comprised of demos, cassettes, and limited releases from back in the day, when there was hardly a hip hop scene here, but people were still putting out music. You can also catch Dope Folks Records DJing tonight at Cactus Club, as well as find us there, for Blax’s release show and Milwaukee Day Party. Check out the track listing and mixtape below:

  1. MC Richie Rich N $cratch Luv featuring Stricklin, Rock La Flow, and B Day Rock: Pull the Trigger (1991 Cassette)
  2. E-Play Smooth: Black Czar (1992 Cassette)
  3. True Hustlers: I’m A Soldier Remix (1992 cassette)
  4. Sixx-Dog And JD Love (Of The N.C.T.): So Funky (1992 Cassette)
  5. Powerhouse: The Deadline (1995 Cassette)
  6. Soul Food: Hands in The Sky (1997 Cassette)
  7. The Rapper’s Time: Freezin’ Ice (1992 Cassette)
  8. OZ (Ozmola): True Story (1994 Cassette)
  9. Expose: Whatever (1997 12″ single)
  10. Rhetoric: 414 (1997 Cassette)
  11. Wikkedness: The Huntest (1997 Demo tape)
  12. Sixx-Dog And JD Love (Of The N.C.T.) Ruff N Tuff Ghetto (1992 Cassette)
  13. Tha R.A.N.: Radio Banned Me (1992 Cassette)
  14. Powerhouse: Funky Verse (1995 Cassette)
  15. Shotemak & Pitt: Swing (1994 Cassette)
  16. Cess Pool: Want Everything (1997 Cassette)
  17. Rusty P’s: Keep it Locked (UK 12″)
  18. DJ Wolf D: Always Had Love For Ya (1997 Cassette)
  19. E-Play Smooth: I-94 2 Zion (1992 Cassette)
  20. Outro: D. Tucker & The Big Bank Brothers: Live on the set (1994 cassette)

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