AUDIO: Gorillaz Featuring Jehnny Beth – “We Got The Power”

The music industry has its collective eyes on Gorillaz, who are about to release their first project in six years. A slew of singles have already hit the internet, and fans have been waiting years for April 28th, when “Humanz” will hit retailers. One of the singles that people have talked most about is “We Got The Power”, a collaboration with Savages vocalist Jehnny Beth. The track is whimsical and upbeat, and almost sounds like being transported to a fantasy world, with a score being provided by Gorillaz themselves. Beth provides additional vocals to Damon Albarn, and the duet sounds like protagonists in a video game, confident they can take on the world together. “Humanz” is already shaping up to be everything the fans have wanted and more, and you can hear that on this single. Check out “We Got The Power” below:

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