AUDIO: SPEAK Easy – “#ClassiclyCool Memoirs” (Premiere)


Today we have the honor of premiering a new SPEAK Easy track for you, entitled “#ClassiclyCool Memoirs”. The track comes in advance of a new project that Speak is putting together to benefit the community in Milwaukee. While SPEAK Easy moved to Atlanta a while ago, he still remains active in his hometown and keeps current with what is happening in the city. We caught up with him to see what he’s been up to, and you can hear the new track below that.

B&E: It’s been a while since we’ve seen you up in Milwaukee, what have you been up to?

SPEAK Easy: I’m currently providing therapy and case management to people in the Metro-Atlanta area. I’m also wrapping up my Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health.

B&E: Are there any new music projects in the works?

SPEAK Easy: Absolutely, I’m working on a solo project at the moment. This will be my most important project I’ve ever done. I want to bring awareness to the community in Milwaukee in the name of hip-hop. Further, 100% of proceeds from album and merch will go to a community organization in Milwaukee. We’re working out those details now.

B&E: For some reason, it always feels like Milwaukee and Atlanta are connected. Some people say Milwaukee artists, especially rappers, try to be Atlanta rappers. Do you think that’s true? 

SPEAK Easy: I don’t think that is true. Atlanta is a melting pot. There are artists here from all over the place. However, if someone is blatantly trying to copy the Dungeon Family sound then they’re certainly replicas.

B&E: Have you been able to collaborate with any Atlanta artists? If so, who?

SPEAK Easy: No. I haven’t collaborated with any Atlanta artists. I’ve connected with a few producers and vocalists though.

B&E: Lastly, you always have great Twitter alter-egos (Currently: Issac Phra$e). What has been your favorite Twitter name? 

SPEAK Easy: Ha! Word. I currently really dig the Isaac Phra$e moniker. A close second would be Ving Rhymes.

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