VIDEO: The Pukes – “Do What Diddy”

The Pukes have seen their share of success in 2016, and they’ve parlayed that into 2017, with the release of their new video for “Do What Diddy”. The opening track to their local breakout release, “Revenge of the Pukes”, is reminiscent of early Ramones records; brash, catchy as hell, and fast. If you strip away the aggressive guitars, the songs on those records are really bubblegum pop tracks with skewed subject matter. The same properties apply to The Pukes. The single is fun, upbeat music, glazed over with a healthy amount of distortion, and “Do What Diddy” is born. The stop-motion video literally embodies that motif, with it’s fair share of Converse high tops and actual bubble gum. “Do What Diddy” will be stuck in your head all day, but you should definitely check it out, and you can do so with the video below:

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