AUDIO: Daye Jack – “No Data”

In a genre that is known for parody (at least of late), Atlanta artist Daye Jack is an anomaly, to say the least. Jack’s new album, “No Data”, dropped today, and while it is technically hip hop that was made in Atlanta, it’s the furthest thing from typical Atlanta hip hop. With beats that are reminiscent of an earlier time in hip hop, and an emphasis on style and originality, Daye Jack makes music that is just plain fun to listen to. Loaded with retro-sounding synths and added vocals, “No Data” is very much a party of an  album. The closest contemporary sound it could be compared to are albums from N.E.R.D., which is by no means a lofty comparison in terms of style. Get your weekend started the right way with a stream of “No Data” below:

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