AUDIO: C.M.P. – “Throwaway”

The buildup for Christian rapper C.M.P.’s new project is increasing, as he plans to release a new track every week until the project drops. The latest in this series is “Throwaway”, a track that, admittedly didn’t make the final cut, but still has plenty of lyrical skill in it. While many Christian artists get placed with the stigma of being confined to one subject matter, one listen to C.M.P., and you can see that his skill transcends the content of his lyrics. In our eyes, it’s similar to a political band only writing about politics; yes, that is their niche, but it doesn’t mean that it discredits any of their talent. In fact, listening to “Throwaway”, you can see plenty of creativity from C.M.P., and a natural flow that is well-established. Listen to “Throwaway” below without any pretension, and you’ll discover that for yourself:


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