Rainbow Kitten Surprise, You Don’t Know, but Now You Know.


SURPRISE! I don’t know why you haven’t yet, but if you have been left out of the loop, Rainbow Kitten Surprise needs to be on your radar. The quintet hails from Boone, North Carolina: made up of Sam, Darrick, Ethan, Charlie, and Sam the boys bring together an energy I have never witnessed on a stage by any bands I would relate to them. If you love Mumford and Sons, Avett Brothers, The Lumineers, but also love to see an energy on stage like something brought on by Grouplove or any band you’ve ever witnessed how much they interact then here you go.

I saw them Sunday at the Hifi in Indianapolis. I am a little spoiled on that sense, a new venue and a band that is fresh and new and loves everything they’re doing right now – I saw how much these dudes meshed together. Charlie, he is a little heart breaker I stood off to the side and he made eye contact with me several times, and I won’t lie I swooned. It was lovely, but at the same time musicality from these gentleman is something he was able to maintain the whole time.

If you ever saw Alt-J’s first tour you heard exactly what “interlude 1” sounded like with perfect harmonies, well here I present the entire discography that is Rainbow Kitten Surprise. From “Cocain Jesus” to “That’s My Shit” it doesn’t matter if their music is as upbeat as “That’s My Shit” or as soultry as “Devil Like Me” lead vocalist Sam Melo leads a harmony I didn’t know I drempt about. You can feel their energy they have with each other, you can see it going out into the crowd, and I hope they felt it back.

Once that first guitar strum occurred, I felt the crowd lift and come to life – I believe they felt it too. These dudes make their festival debut at Okeechobee, Florida for Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival. I feel blessed to have witnessed a venue under 500 because if there’s much I believe in, I know for a fact that I will be seeing them grow – just don’t let that My Little Pony feel band name fool you.

Check them out on Spotify – comment below with your thoughts. (Pinky promise it’s not EDM):






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