AUDIO: Barclay Crenshaw – “Barclay Crenshaw”

The great thing about a Friday is that everything comes out in terms of music, and you never know which way to turn, but you’re almost always going to find something amazing. Today’s case in point is LA producer Barclay Crenshaw’s self-titled album, which matches spacy, expansive production with features from the likes of Aviella, Lady Chann, The Underachievers, The Cool Kids, and Mr. Carmack. It feels cliché to say that an album with an outer space theme is literally other-worldly, but that may actually be one of the most fitting descriptors. The feature selection is tailor-made for Barclay’s sound, and it creates a final product of the highest quality. This should be your weekend soundtrack. Check out “Barclay Crenshaw” below:

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