AUDIO: Shmakity – “INFJ Dark”

There’s a fine line that technology creates when discussing independent music; Anyone with a home setup can write, record, and release a great sounding project without walking out of of their front door, but that same person may go underappreciated if nobody actually gets to see the work that truly makes the final project what it is. Enter Shmakity, a local producer/emcee that spent four months putting together his 14-track mixtape, “INFJ Dark”, from the comfort of his home studio setup. Had it not been for a nod from fellow local artist Edubbs, we may have never received this link. Luckly, we’ve been laced with a heck of a project that put Shmakity on our radar. With a plethora of smooth, chilled out production, coupled with a completely natural delivery, “INFJ Dark” is definitely a tape to zone out to. Shmakity will catch your ear, and will leave you coming back for more, as well. Check out “INFJ Dark” here:

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