Top Concerts in Milwaukee of 2016

I was lucky enough to have record year of concert going in my life time. Pretty much every concert I went to happened in Milwaukee. So, since this crazy year of music is wrapping up, I wanted to give you a taste of the top concerts I had a pleasure of witnessing this year. Here’s the countdown:


I got forced into going to this one. I had to review it for Marquette Radio. I have never really been a fan of punk music, but this was so great. First off, the band is a feminist punk group, so as a woman their lyrics were all super relatable and gave me a good laugh. For instance, “I Hate Weekend” is a song that shows you how much it sucks to a service industry job. There is also a song called, “Hey Girl” to show hatred to cat calling. Second, they were just a fun group. They show a lot of personality on stage and really just embrace who they are.



Photo by Lily Wellen

I was roped into going to see him because my best friend Paula is obsessed with him. She is my music soulmate, so if she wants me to go to a show with her, I’ll do it. We saw him just on the height of his fame, which allowed us to see him in a more intimate part of the Rave. This really added to our show experience. He also just impresses me with his shows since he loops on stage. I think that is the coolest thing ever.



Photo by Lily Wellen

After his release of “Downtown,” I was so jazzed to see him because I LOVE that song. (C’mon people, it’s catchy.) He has other songs I really enjoy as well, but his performance is what blew me away. He does it all. He dresses up, he dances, he brings special guests on stage and he even shares his thoughts on societal issues. He was just totally worth seeing in concert.



Photo by Lily Wellen

I had to go to this concert for work, and I am so glad that I did. Whitney is incredible. Their music is unique and will entrance you. The lead singer’s voice and the beat it so smooth that it makes you feel the music with your whole body. It is wonderful. I really highly recommend you listen to their songs, or better yet just go see them live.



Photo By Lily Wellen

Kesha has always been my girl. I have missed on opportunities to see her before, so when the Rave announced this show I purchased tickets ASAP. This show was very special because it showed how brave Kesha was. She was dealing with a lot at the time with her lawsuit. Because of that, this show was much different. She recreated her songs to have a country twang, to be acoustic or to show a different message to help reflect what is going on with her life and showcase her voice better. She also treated us to some covers like “Jolene” by Dolly Parton.



Photo by Lily Wellen

New Age Narcissism has always amazed me with their talent. I officially got to see them perform at the Rock the Green festival this September. Siren and Lex Allen sang the songs while the rest of them played back up. These two members of the group are incredibly gifted with their voices. They have so much passion and soul when they sing, it will give you chills.

4.) WEEZER/PANIC! AT THE DISCO at Marcus Amphitheater


Photo Credit to Summerfest’s Facebook

It’s hard for me to not love when my two favorite bands come together for an epic performance at Summerfest. They brought the house down both in their own way, and I loved it. I have seen them both before, and they never disappoint. Panic! at the Disco really knows how to perform, work the stage and “wow” the audience. He has an amazing vocal range, he can play multiple instruments, and most importantly, he does backflips. Weezer, on the other hand, goes on stage and just rock out to their music. This is all they really need to do to be awesome in concert. They play songs from every album, which will make your heart full.

3.) GLASS ANIMALS at Riverside Theater


Photo by Lily Wellen 

This is one of the first concerts I went to alone. But, Glass Animals made me feel like that wasn’t the case. Their groovy tunes and high energy filled the room, making everyone feel the music. People were dancing, singing and totally immersed in their songs. They made you get lost in the music to the point I didn’t even see any cell phones out. Everyone was just living in the moment, which made it one of my favorite concert experiences ever.

2.) INGRID MICHAELSON at Pabst Theater


Photo by Lily Wellen

Thinking about this concert makes my eyes fill up with happy tears. Ingrid Michaelson has always been one of my favorite singers, and her concert only confirmed that even more. She has a powerful, soulful voice, showing that she is just full of talent. She is so quirky, making the concert more enjoyable with her fun stories and commentary. She is just perfect, and everyone needs to see her.

1.) PAUL MCCARTNEY at Marcus Amphitheater 


Photo by Lily Wellen

I have a hard time putting together words to express my feelings on this concert. I have been listening to the Beatles since I was a youngster. Actually being able to see one of them perform live felt so surreal. I am still facing shock that this happened. With that being said, if you ever get a chance to see him, you must go.


COLDPLAY at Soldier Field


Photo by Lily Wellen

This is a honorable mention since this happened in Chicago not Milwaukee. But, this photo pretty much sums up the amazingness of the night. Coldplay knows how to put on a show. Enough said.

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