VIDEO: Frida Sundemo – “We Are Dreamers”

A gut instinct can sometimes be very underrated. With one viewing of Frida Sundemo’s video for the single “We Are Dreamers”, though, you get a gut instinct that this is the future of pop music. The Swedish artist takes an intensely creative approach to the visual for the new track, which is powerful enough in its own right. It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if more powerful, house-infused music like this is dominating mainstream radio within the next two months. Frida owns every part of this track, giving an emphatic performance that could make this song an anthem. “We Are Dreamers” is the first single from Sundemo’s album, which is set to be released through Scandinavian label Cosmos Music next year. Get a glimpse into the future of pop with the clip for “We Are Dreamers” below:

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