AUDIO: RTystic – “Hour Glass” (Premiere)

The pieces are coming together on RTystic’s “Silent” EP, and today we have the premiere of the third single from the project. “Hour Glass” is produced by Mammyth, and is  deliberately divided into three different segments with a natural progression between all three. The track has actually been in the works since 2013, so it’s a bit ironic that the song deals with the passing of time. There’s also some recognizable background vocals from Klassik on the last segment of the song, or the third progression of time. This is a very eclectic song, and an exciting addition to the EP and album that we’re watching unfold piece by piece. The “Silent” EP will be released soon, and then followed by the “Deadly” EP, which will combine to make RTystic’s “Silent But Deadly” album complete. Get your first listen to the latest with “Hour Glass” below:


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