VIDEO: Jimmy Lumpkin And The Revival – “My Name Is Love”

When we think of brand new music on this blog, we generally don’t go to Alabama that often. However, the latest video from Alabama’s Jimmy Lumpkin and the Revival is incredibly powerful, both as a song and as a visual .Featuring an overly fun, positive song, “My Name Is Love” is the kind of thing people need to see and hear, especially in this country right now. Lumpkin and his band are incredibly tight, with a big, encompassing sound that feels tailor-made for an incredible live show. The video sends a message, featuring people of all walks of life being (dare I say it) incredibly happy and enthusiastic, something that the world seems to have lost sight of in 2016. In any case, this track is just straight up fun, and if you feel compelled to start your own dance party, do so to this song. Check out “My Name Is Love” below: