INTERVIEW: Matthew Veck-Gilodi of Deaf Havana


Alt-rockers Deaf Havana have made a name for themselves around the world over the past twelve years. The band is about to tour with Jimmy Eat World across the UK, and have their 8th LP, “All These Countless Nights” slated for a January release. We talked to guitarist Matthew Veck-Gilodi, and learned a little more about the new record, as well as their upcoming plans:

B&E:  Introduce yourself! Who are you?

MVG: Hi! I’m Matthew and I play guitar (questionably) in Deaf Havana!

B&E: “All These Countless Nights” will be released in early 2017. What was it like writing this album?

MVG: The writing process for “All These Countless Nights” was actually pretty interesting for us. On the one hand it was similar to the way our other albums have been written in that James will write and demo all the songs himself and then we’ll go into the studio and refine them slightly. This album was slightly different in that James wrote a lot of the songs alongside our producer Adam, who really helped influence the sounds of the songs and change them into what they are now. The other difference that we had this time around is that we properly did pre-production for all these songs with our producer, so we honed the songs, re shaped them and made them work to play as a live band before we even began recording them.

B&E:  Did any bands influence the sound of this record? If so, who?

MVG: There are quite a few different bands if I’m honest. The song “Sing” was definitely influenced by the Smashing Pumpkins and Placebo – especially for guitar tones. There are also parts that are influenced by bands like Kings of Leon and the song “Like a Ghost” was definitely influenced by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

B&E: You’ve already been incredibly successful in the UK. Any plans in the works to come to the US soon?

MVG: We haven’t got any definite plans to come to the US right at this moment, but it won’t be too far away before we get something in the works the other side of the Atlantic I’m sure…

B&E:  You’ve already played some big shows. What would you say has been your biggest show so far?

MVG: I guess the biggest shows we’ve played will have been at the Reading & Leeds festivals in the UK. I think in 2014 we played to around 40,000 people which is crazy!

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