INTERVIEW: Spirit Animal


With a big, expansive sound that hits you like a whirlwind, Brooklyn’s Spirit Animal are making a name for themselves nationally. Their sophomore release, “World War IV” is turning heads with it’s genre blending style. The band hits Cactus Club on December 9th with Nico Yaryan as well as Bo Triplex and his Beautiful Band. Before that, we caught up with the guys to get to know them:

B&E:  Introduce yourselves! Who are you?

SPIRIT ANIMAL: Individually, we are Steve, Cal, Paul, and Ronen. Collectively, we are a rock & roll band called Spirit Animal. Existentially, we are an action-comedy outfit occupying a space somewhere between Ol’ Dirty Bastard and mid-90s Arnold Schwarzenegger.

B&E: Your second EP came out earlier this year via Wind-Up Records. Was recording this record different from the first time around for you?

SPIRIT ANIMAL: We actually recorded a lot of it before signing with Wind Up. We tracked in Brooklyn with our friend and co-producer Rocky Gallo. He has a beautiful studio in Williamsburg called Virtue & Vice. We mixed with legends Jimmy Douglass and Mark Needham in Miami and LA, respectively. Working with those guys was a real joy.

B&E: Do you have a favorite track from the record?

SPIRIT ANIMAL: We each have our own personal favorites, but we are all really excited about our lead single, “Regular World.” It’s uplifting without being corny, and feel good without the softballs. We think it will speak to a lot of people because of the styles it brings together. That’s kind of our approach to everything.

B&E: Have you ever played Milwaukee? What are you looking forward to when you come to town?

SPIRIT ANIMAL: We have! It’s been a minute, though. I have aunts and uncles and cousins living in Wisconsin, so I am really excited to have them out to the show. It’s always a treat to play for the extended fam.

B&E: Touring comes with it’s fair share of shenanigans. Do you have a crazy road story for us?

SPIRIT ANIMAL: Once after a show, Paul spent 45 minutes explaining the ethos of indie rock to a complete stranger at the bar.

B&E: Lastly, you’re coming to Milwaukee. What’s the beer of choice?

SPIRIT ANIMAL: We’re from Brooklyn, so I think we are obligated to say PBR.


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