AUDIO: Johnossi – “Air Is Free”

There’s something big coming out of Sweden that you should probably hear. Johnossi, the duo comprised of guitarist John Engelbert and drummer Ossi Bonde (hence the band’ name), have just released their latest EP, “Air Is Free”, and are proving that they can become a force to be reckoned with internationally. The EP recently topped the Swedish iTunes charts, and the group have their sights set across the pond next. With a lo-fi sound reminiscent of The White Stripes and The Arctic Monkeys, amongst others, the band pack a punch into each and every track. That lo-fi rumble is made even sweeter with the addition of catchy vocal melodies, and hooks that do exactly what they’re supposed to; get stuck in your head.

“Air Is Free” features two upbeat cuts in both the title track and “Weak Spots”, as well as a slow builder in “Alone In The Summer”. The band has an LP scheduled for a February release, and a US tour after that, but you can get your introduction to the group with “Air Is Free” via Spotify below:


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