INTERVIEW: Andi & Alex of Queen Hilma

Queen Hilma, the Green Bay band led by identical twin sisters Andi and Alex,  is poised for a successful run in the coming months. The band has already won a WAMI award for Best New Artist, and are about to headline the Grand Theater in Wausau, WI on October 28th in support of their debut EP, “Is Everything OK?”. In advance of that gig, we were able to catch up with Andi and Alex to learn a little more about the band:
B&E: Introduce yourselves! Who makes up Queen Hilma?

Hi! Queen Hilma is our (Andi & Alex) band named after our Grandmother Hilma, who passed away a few years ago. We thought what better way to pay homage than name our band after her.

B&E: For those that don’t know you, try to describe your sound. Who would you compare yourselves to?

It’s tough to compare our sound to another band. Our music kind of lurks between genres but if we had to pick.. Americana/Alternative Rock.

B&E: Your most recent EP, “Is Everything OK?”, was produced by Howard Redekopp (Tegan & Sara, NowNow, etc). How was that process? What was it like working with him?

The process was incredible. We flew to Vancouver where Howard’s studio is and spent two weeks creating our new sound. We had a handful of songs written but it was really Howard who dove inside our brains and got to know us and what we wanted to express. He is the ultimate professional and just an amazing all-around guy. We had an amazing experience and hope to return to finish our full length. 

B&E: You guys have received a great deal of notoriety so far. What would you say has been your favorite accomplishment so far?

Creating the EP and I actually being on the cover of YOU Magazine in Green Bay. It’s a women’s magazine that empowers women and I had an amazing time with their editor Kirsty Gungor.

Working on the EP as well. Also going on tour in the northeast was an incredible experience. It was our first trip out east and the turnout was so amazing.

B&E: What can people expect from a Queen Hilma live show?

People can expect a combination of intimacy and rock energy. We like to have a stripped set right in the middle of the show where we do some creative things with our harmonies.

B&E: Lastly, what are the plans after your headlining show in Wausau? Any touring coming up, or another project?

We plan on playing more shows in Wisconsin (Madison and Milwaukee are on the radar) while we finish writing our full length album.

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