AUDIO: Raze – “The Struggle Is Real” (Premiere)

Today we’re thrilled to premiere the first solo track from Raze in over five years, “The Struggle Is Real”. While some time may have passed between releases, Raze’s signature sound has remained consistent to his previous releases. From a production standpoint, Raze’s work has continually improved since the House of M’s “The Alternate Reality Of” album, and that trend continues with “The Struggle Is Real”. Lyrically, the track is autobiographical, with a glimpse of the background that made Raze the emcee and infamously outspoken person that he is today. This is also not a one-off release; the single comes from a new album, which according to Facebook has been completed and is currently in the mixing and mastering stage. In the meantime, get your first glimpse of what the new album will sound like with “The Struggle Is Real” below:

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