AUDIO: VellG – “Slum.Lord”

The next generation of Milwaukee hip hop is rising up quickly, and among those ranks is VellG, who recently released a new track in “Slum.Lord”. On the track, Vell manages to flex over a trap beat, with a smooth saxophone sample that sounds like it should be somewhere in the middle of a Chance The Rapper tape. When it comes to lyrics, though, Vell is a little less Chance, and a little more reminiscent of members of the new school of hip hop that currently dominate the blogosphere. At any rate, “Slum.Lord” is another piece in the puzzle of advancing VellG’s sound, and he does so well on this track. Where he goes from here is to be determined, but he may be a name to remember as more music comes out in the future. Check out “Slum.Lord” below:

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