INTERVIEW: Dae Flywalker


Note: Writing anything about this situation, from any aspect, is incredibly touchy and extremely difficult to do. However, we cannot turn a blind eye to the city that we proudly call home. At times, we need to look beyond its musical culture. It is a shame to see our city in its current state of disarray, and we hope to see peace within Milwaukee in the very near future. We didn’t choose to interview Dae Flywalker for any sort of “click bait” reasoning, though some people may be quick to assume that, but rather to do our part in preventing false information from making its way around the internet. Please be considerate when sharing and commenting on this article.

It goes without saying that coverage of the police shooting of Syville Smith, as well as the demonstrating and destruction surrounding the incident, is everywhere. However, there is an element of the story that is starting to circulate, and is leaving a Milwaukee artist stuck in the middle of it all. It has been discovered that at one time, the alleged officer in question had pursued a rap career under the name KB Domo. The video that is circulating the most, however, is a freestyle to Meek Mill’s “Monster”, in collaboration with Milwaukee emcee Dae Flywalker. We chose to reach out to Dae to clarify his relationship with Domo firsthand, as well as to give the video and Domo’s music career some proper context.

B&E:  How long have you known KB Domo?

Flywalker: Most of my life, since shorties, grade school.

B&E: Were you aware that he was a police officer? If so, did he ever talk about his career?

Flywalker: I was aware that he was an officer like most people. When we did have a chance to hang out it was pure kicking it, or he would pop up at some of my shows in support sometimes. With him working the job he works and the hours he put in and me being focused on my music career and work in the community, we didn’t get the opportunity.

B&E:  What was your initial reaction when you heard the speculation that he was the officer involved in the shooting?

Flywalker: I was in shock and disbelief just like everyone else that knew him or grew up with him.

B&E: Have you had a chance to speak to Domo after finding this all out? 

Flywalker: I have not. I’ve reached out to him by phone, by social media, and I have not had any luck.

B&E: Did you have any music with Domo in the works? What’s the plans for the music you guys made together?

Flywalker: I do not have music with him in the works. We did the “Monster” freestyle last year and other music prior. He’s the one who got me rapping in the first place. I decided to have him on “Monster” because of that very reason. I was working on my first project #DIVMONDS and felt it was only right that he be featured seeing that he was the one who introduced me to all of this and had retired from pursuing music himself in favor of his new career.

B&E: Do you have anything else you’d like to tell your fans and followers, or for that matter, the city of Milwaukee regarding the situation?

Flywalker: I just want people to disassociate me with the actions that took place that tragic day. I don’t condone the death of anyone, especially someone that looks like me and comes from the same background. I was not there and I have only received the same information as the rest of the concerned community. Emotions are high in our city and through positive energy and prayer, I hope that we can find a time of healing for the city and justice for those affected.

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