INTERVIEW: Kat Hamilton of Manic Pixi


We hope you’re ready to meet the next pop punk band that you won’t stop listening to. Manic Pixi are carving their way onto the national music landscape with their most recent release, “Iron Heart”, the band’s second release. We checked in with frontwoman Kat Hamilton to learn more about the band, and their release:

B&E: Introduce yourself! Who are you?

Kat: Hi! My name is Kat and I am the lead singer for Manic Pixi. We are an Alt-Pop Punk band out of Brooklyn, NY. Who am I? hopefully a good human being! Who are we? The four of us are a family.

B&E: Where does the name Manic Pixi come from?

Kat: Originally it was just a name from a list. We really needed a new one and it had the same verbal impact as our previous name. But I love using the image that the Manic Pixi represents to create satire. It’s this perfect quirky woman. Shes not like other girls. She’s a cool, fun girl. Those ideas of ideal womanhood are toxic so I love to wear my pink dress, strut around but be something darker and tougher. Like the Manic Pixi fights back.

B&E: What bands influenced your latest album, “Iron Heart”

Kat: We drew inspiration from a ton of different genres. The four of us are across the board in terms of taste and we harnessed that. We worked with an engineer form Four Year Strong’s “Go Down in History” because we really loved that direction for our sound. You can also hear some Death Cab, Circa Survive, and Paramore. But those were just the direct influences. I think you can hear Blink 182, Motion City Soundtrack, Green Day and more poppy radio stuff too.

B&E:  What is your favorite song on “Iron Heart” and why?

Kat: I struggle with that question! because when I listen to the record, I swear I say every song is my fave. But I have to say Dredging. It hits me the hardest. It’s a very intimate song for me.

B&E:  When people hear about pop punk bands with a female frontwoman, some probably make assumptions about the sound thanks to bands like Paramore and Hey Monday. Do you have to deal with comparisons like that?  

Kat: It’s a compliment! I love Paramore, to be compared is very humbling. But I do think that the music industry has a sexist need to justify a woman’s presence by comparing her art rather than letting it speak for itself. It’s rare that someone walks around comparing male lead singers to their predecessors. But when people make those comments, I say thank you. I choose to take it as “You’re damn good” because that’s what those women are.

B&E: Anything else you’d like to tell our readers?

Kat: Listen to Iron Heart from start to finish. I know that there’s more bands out there than we can fathom but this album was carefully structured to be a listening experience. To take the listener on a journey.

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