INTERVIEW: Mashi Maseratti


The artist formerly known as Pharoh Khalid has become Mashi Maseratti, and has some big plans for the future. He recently released “Beyond The River”, his first track under his new moniker, and his introduction of Mashi Maseratti to the world. We caught up with him to further clarify the changes, and what to expect from Mashi:

B&E: This is the first single as “Mashi Maserati”. Why did you feel the need to re-brand yourself?
Mashi: It’s not necessarily a re-brand, I was and will always be Open Range. Mashi is just a branch off my real name, and Maseratti is just a last name I added.

B&E: With a new name, do you feel as if your sound will be changing, as well?

Mashi: My sound is me. Whatever I drop from now on is pure realness and everything I feel. The city needs new vision, and it’s just time I as an artist stepped up to the plate and bring the feeling of Motown in the 70s.
B&E: Are you still working with the same people? Who can we expect to hear songs with?
Mashi: I no longer have ties to C3, however I own 25% of the LLC. What will happen on that? I don’t know.  People want credit for nothing, so its best I just do me.
B&E: When can we expect a full Mashi Maserati project?
Mashi: You can expect New Mashi very soon. I have over three albums of work finished, it’s just about the quality I want to present myself with. A full project is a bit far off, however at this rate, very soon.


B&E: Any other plans in the works that we should know about?

Mashi: My clothing line will drop early 2017, we will release various products over that period. New merch on the way. Its about time i claim whats rightfully mine, the city. look out for Open Range and the Focus Four team.

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