INTERVIEW: Scarlet Sails

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What do The Violent Femmes, Nine Inch Nails, and Dresden Dolls all have in common? At one point or another, all three have featured drummer Brian Viglione. These days, however, Viglione has taken on a new endeavor, along with his wife, Olya. Scarlet Sails is their project, and the band is hitting the road to make a name for themselves. Before their show at Shank Hall on August 2nd, we caught up with Brian and Olya to talk about their new endeavor:

B&E:  Introduce yourselves! Who are Scarlet Sails?

Olya: Scarlet Sails is a band with soul and attitude formed in the modern Babylon of New York, comprised of myself, Olya Viglione, songwriter, vocals and piano, my husband and collaborator, Brian Viglione, on drums, Joe Noval on bass and Nick Emde on guitar.

B&E:  How did the concept of starting a band together come about?

Olya: Brian and I eat, sleep, and breathe music, so it was an immediate thing we bonded over, and since we both share the same dreams and ambitions of playing music full time in a band, our natural chemistry playing together set things in motion really quickly.

B&E: Do you both listen to similar music, or do you each have different influences?

Brian: We have very different tastes in music, a lot of it being a 10 year generation gap, as well as the geographic one where Olya was reared on more British and European music than myself loving American punk, jazz, and metal music. But we share a love for bands like Queen, Bowie, Led Zeppelin, or composers like Debussy and Ravel, and classic soul and funk music, bring on the Otis Redding and Stevie Wonder!

B&E: Brian, how is touring with your significant other different from touring with a band?

Brian: The best part for me is seeing someone I love and care about so much so excited to be living out their dream, just like I was fortunate enough to. You can be great friends with your band mates and share a wonderful bond, but it’s very exciting to know the same passion that drives your partner is in harmony with your own path.

B&E:  Olya, how are you handling touring? Getting used to it?

Olya: Oh man, I effin love touring! I couldn’t wait to get in the van. I think there’s nothing better than discovering and exploring the world around you while making music. Everything else is just logistics and doesn’t really bother me. I’d rather get tired and bored on the road than by working at a bar or any other job for that matter. And it means so much to me that I can share my most exciting life experiences with the one I love. 

B&E:  Lastly, being in Milwaukee, do either you have a beer of preference?

Brian: The Weihenstephan Hefe Weiss, without a doubt my favorite beer on earth, served up at the Radegast Hall & Biergarten!  Had many a glorious celebratory night imbibing mugs of that brew!

Olya: We don’t share exactly the same taste for music, but we surely share the same taste for beer. The Weihenstephan Hefe Weiss it is.

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