INTERVIEW: The Peach Kings

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The duo of Paige Wood and Steven Dies make up The Peach Kings, who play Thursday night at the Cactus Club. They’ll be supported by Mobley, local act The Rashita Joneses and Appleton’s New Voices. We caught up with Paige and Steven to ask them about life on the road, their latest release, “Mojo Thunder” and more.

B&E: How would you describe the sound of The Peach Kings?

Paige: Sultry noir rock fuzz!

B&E: Your latest EP, “Mojo Thunder” is full of has a very lo-fi, indie style to it. What bands / sounds influenced that project?

Steven: A lot of influence came from the fact Paige’s mother is from Louisiana and we really gravitate to that soul swamp sound.  Influences range from Tarantino, to David Lynch, to The Cramps and P.J. Harvey to name a few.

B&E:  You’ve opened for Cyndi Lauper in the past. What was that experience like?

Paige: Having played with an icon is unbelievable, especially since I grew up listening to her with my sister, Cyndi is our hero.

Steven: We get asked this all the time, and its best summed up by saying its like watching a movie about our lives that we are not actually in.

B&E: Have you ever been to Milwaukee? What’s your expectations for the city?

Steven: Yes, actually, the last time we played here it was at the Cactus Club as well, on a very very cold night this past winter.  It was a nice surprise to have had such a great crowd considering the temperature outside.  Looking forward to being back during the summer season and see some new and familiar faces this time around!

B&E: We always love to hear tour stories. What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you guys on the road?

Steven: Craziest story was when our manager walked into our soundcheck and asked “Do you know want to know who is about to walk through that door?” And Paige quickly responded “No”, without delay our manager responds “Bill Murray” and walked away.  Luckily we didn’t pass out, he stayed stayed through both our soundcheck and the show. Afterward he met us backstage to let us know he was a fan!

B&E: Lastly, you’re in Milwaukee on July 21st. What’s the beer of choice?

Steven: We’ve got a mix, I like a good Pilsner, Tubby likes a good Mexican beer and Paige likes whiskey!



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