INTERVIEW: Midnight Mob

Midnight Mob Motel

Summerfest is home to a great number of  emerging artists of all genres. One of those names this year is Midnight Mob, a New York band comprised of guitarist Mickey Squeeze, drummer Beatz, bassist Carly Quinn, and frontwoman Blackey Deathproof. The band combines alternative rock, metal, blues, and punk to create a hybrid rock sound that is sure to excite the Harley-Davidson Roadhouse tonight at 6:30. We chatted with Blackey Deathproof to see what the band is all about: 

B&E: How would you describe Midnight Mob’s sound to someone that’s never heard of the band?

Deathproof: If you placed rock’n roll in a blender with 70’s punk, rockabilly, the oldies, a spoon full of blues and gospel, than crumbled bits of concrete and fruit roll ups on top you get Midnight Mob.

B&E: Midnight Mob blends a lot of different styles and genres of music. What would you say your biggest influence is?

Deathproof: We’re really all over the place and our musical influences keep growing. Life is really what influences us most but we also dig the Beach boys, Danzig, motor head, iggy pop, sound garden, Alice in chains, sam Cooke, Billy holiday, Alice Cooper, Creedence, tina turner, Queen, Cheap Trick, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendricks, blink-182, and Sevendust to name a few.

B&E: Is this your first Summerfest? Have you heard good things about Milwaukee?

Deathproof: It’s our first time here and we’re super pumped. This is our biggest show yet. I’m hoping I don’t barf on stage. Ha. We’ve wanted to visit Milwaukee since Alice Cooper gave us all those fun facts in Wayne’s World. Also, a lot of our friends that tour say how great the scene is and people are.

B&E: You’re playing a mix of festival shows and some club dates on this tour. Do you have a preference between festival or club shows?

Deathproof: Personally, no. They’re both pretty wonderful. We’re like a pack of baby golden retrievers that just want to meet people and play. At smaller clubs your able to hang out with all the bands and goof off with the locals till the place kicks you out. We’ve only just recently started playing bigger festivals so it’s still a little bit of a sensory overload. Being in front of a sea of people is very empowering and deeply humbling. The people are really fun and food trucks are right up there with man inventing the wheel in my book.

B&E: The festival circuit puts you on a lineup with tons of different bands. Who is your favorite band that you’ve played with so far?

Deathproof: I really can’t pick. As far as big bands go, it was really incredible to open for Trivium, Candlebox, and Sevendust.

B&E: Lastly, you’re in Milwaukee, a beer city. What’s your beer of choice?

Deathproof: Carly and I are hardcore H20 drinkers since we’re sober. We’re too brutal for bronze. We’ve been in Milwaukee for two hours, so Squeeze and Beatz with have to give you a rain check on that answer.

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