INTERVIEW: Oxymorrons


One of the fun aspects of attending Summerfest year after year is that you can track a group’s success by watching them move to the later time slots throughout the years, until ultimately reaching a 10:00 ground stage headliner slot, or even better, the Marcus Ampitheater. One of the bands starting this journey is Queens based urban alternative group Oxymorrons, who will be playing the Miller Lite Oasis  at 6:30 on July 3rd. We caught up with them ahead of their show and got their expectations for their first Summerfest.

B&E: Let’s get an introduction. How would you describe Oxymorrons’ sound?

Oxymorrons: If Rage against the Machine was the backing band for OutKast.

B&E: Who would you say are your biggest influences?

Oxymorrons: Rage Against the Machine, Jimmy Hendrix, N.E.R.D, Underoath, Queen, Andre 3000, Pusha T, Lupe Fiasco…

B&E: What is a tour with Waka Flocka Flame like, and how did you survive?

Oxymorrons: Touring with Waka was amazing! He is an awesome guy and every show was a mad house. And as for survival: rest, water and do not inhale…. sometimes. (laughs)

B&E: Is this your first Summerfest? Any expectations for Milwaukee? 

Oxymorrons: Yes this is our first Summerfest and we expect Milwaukee to play an awesome part of our quest towards world domination (laughs)

B&E: What is your favorite part of playing big festivals? 

Oxymorrons: Large crowds and day drinking!

B&E:  Lastly, Summerfest also features a ton of other attractions besides the music. You have to choose one: Deep Fried Food, or the Ferris Wheel and Midway games. Which one do you pick and why? 

Oxymorrons: Ferris wheels and midway games because chasing tail wasn’t an option.

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