Emily Explores: Phish

First day of July and Milwaukee is in the heat of Summerfest. While Milwaukee is all mixed up in this humble jumble, did you know that there are multiple long term touring bands coming around? Phish just played two shows at Wrigley in Chicago. I was unable to go, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have loved to be there. However for the pricey tickets you can look forward to catching Dave Matthews Band and Dead & Company at Alpine Valley in the next coming week/days.

A couple summer’s ago, I thought I’d be really into the common jam bands. Although it had taken awhile, I was reminded of Phish’s studio album, “Junta” from the ripe year of 1989. The first track, “Fee,” is such a catchy tune, but it continues further with the influences of reggae, ska, funk, and psychedelic rock. There are many good vibes around the entire album, and much like “Fee” says, it’s a good album to “have a cup of coffee and catch your breath.”

If you’re looking for a good road trip album, or just something to listen to during your barbecues and bonfires this summer, I highly recommend, “Junta” by Phish. Gather a bunch of your friends, put it on, and just hang out with a couple of brews. I mean, this is WI right?

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