I was on a hiatus, or something.

Well Milwaukee and other blog readers, it’s been awhile since I have posted anything. Since then I have been working on erasing some entries that I have posted here in which I felt that I could have done a better job. With the obvious excuse for school and moving into a full time job, I owe this one all to a moment of self-discovery. It’s taken me awhile to discover the types of music that I’m genuinely into, and a lot of this discovery is credited to the website Rate Your Music, and it’s users for recommending different artists and offering charts of well received albums. It has taken me to discovering both national and international bands from the past and present. This being said, I’m going to start a discovery series, and with this I’m hoping to become more active. I’ll be starting with some general thoughts about an artist I had just heard about in a new post, coming soon (probably 20 minutes from this post.)

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