Discovery Post: The Residents, “Meet The Residents”

While Genesis, Queen, and the late David Bowie were releasing some of their top hits in 1974, The Residents were emerging with their debut, “Meet The Residents.” This experimental album has taught me a lot about music, and about myself, which is why I’m choosing to start off my discovery posts with this album. While RYM uses descriptions of this album being “manic” and “hypnotic,” I would go as far to say as this unconventional way of producing music is actually quite beautiful, as it incorporates many influences of different genres. Within this album alone, there are elements of swing, funk,  jazz tango, classical, choral, and avant-garde melodies and rhythms. The list really could go on and on, here.

This album is one of the first in awhile to make me excited and curious about music. There are these catastrophic and triumphant moments where the instrumentals are haunting and beautiful that had kept my heart racing in anticipation. As I had kept listening to this album, I had begun to think about other mediums in which this music reflected and upon looking up the album, I had discovered that The Residents were known to use surrealist artwork as album covers, and also actively chose to keep their real identities anonymous.

Through the exploration of The Residents, I have been able to search through new artists, and different side projects, which I hope to get into more at a later date.

Check out their album, “Not Available” for an even more surreal experience. Maybe don’t listen to that one in the dark, with headphones. Food for thought.

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