REVIEW: So Long, Farewell Motion City Soundtrack

The first concert I ever went to was at The Rave when I was in seventh  grade. I was seeing the Honda Civic Tour with Panic! At the Disco, The Hush Sound, Phantom Planet and Motion City Soundtrack. I was so excited because all of these bands I listened to 24/7 and were basically my life in my middle school teen angst years. All of the bands were great, but I remember I was geeking out about seeing Motion City Soundtrack. It is so weird that now eight years later, I am seeing them for the last time ever.

Motion City soundtrack are going on their last tour, and they made a stop at the Rave in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was their sixteenth time performing there, which is just insane. They came out and without even playing a note the crowd was going wild. Majority of the people there were representing by wearing band tees from many different eras of the band. You could just tell the crowd was just full of their long -time fans.


Photo Credit to The Rave

They started the show with playing a song  from and named after their first EP, “Back to the Beat.”  They continued to play songs from all their albums like “Broken Heart,” “Perfect Teeth,” “Make Out Kids” and more. Of course, they also sang their hit songs, “Everything is alright”  and “Hold Me Down.” The whole time the audience was belting every song out, dancing, clapping and really just having the best time.

Between the songs they would reminisce and tell the meaning behind each song and where their inspiration came from. As well as continuously thanked their audience for being a fan and for listening to their music.

Motion CS

Photo Credit to The Rave

They closed their last show in Milwaukee with “The Future Freaks me Out.” Once they were done, they stayed on the stage, looked at the audience and said one last goodbye. Motion City Soundtrack left their fans with many emotions as they walked off that stage. You could feel the audience’s excitement because they got to see the band play amazing songs they grew up on, related to and made them love the band one last time. But, they also left their audience heartbroken that they may never see the band play again. Thanks, Motion City Soundtrack for your music, shows and for being a band. So Long, Farewell!

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