AUDIO: Mike Regal – “Premonitions”

With a strong buzz surrounding his name in recent months, Mike Regal released his debut project, “Premonitions” to significant fanfare. To put it bluntly, this project is filled with bangers, and Regal comes correct on every verse. Regal also handles the production on the lion’s share of “Premonitions”, but occasionally defers to the likes of Trumaine Jordan, CameOne, Lex Luther, Deb.On.Air., Mammyth, and King BNJMN. There’s an air of calm and confidence throughout the project, with Regal handling business, making it look effortless at times. Limited features from Camb and Fivy only sweeten the pot, complimenting the feeling that Regal puts out in all of his work. All in all, though, this is a monster of a release in time for the summer to really heat up. Check out the whole project below and see for yourself.

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