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VIDEO: Von Alexander – “Waves”

Vonny Del Fresco is dead. Von Alexander, who generated his initial buzz under the previous moniker, is very much alive however, and we get to watch that transformation in the stunning Damien Blue directed visuals for “Waves”. In the video, the last of VDF is tied to a tree in the woods and left for dead, and it’s up to

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AUDIO: Penny Bridges – “Gratitude”

  Recently, we were introduced to Penny Bridges, a singer/songwriter from Wolverhampton, England. Her singles were captivating, and the latest addition to that catalog of music  is “Gratitude”,  a combination of smooth acoustic style and dark, polished percussion. Penny’s vocals drape the song exquisitely, creating a bit of peace over the chaos that the dark drum hits invoke. The structure

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Top Ten Bayside Songs

Bayside! One of the most impressive punk rock acts for more than ten years. The band, despite always being somewhat in the background but were still met with great success, have never made a bad album. With that said, here are Bayside’s ten best songs.   10: Transitive Property While guitarist/vocalist Anthony Raneri has written non angsty songs in the past (Landing

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AUDIO: Hayden Calnin – “Ultra-Beast”

With a mix of folk and electronic music, Austrailia’s Hayden Calnin has a haunting, captivating track with his latest “Ultra-Beast”. With crunching claps and dark chords, Calnin has created a soundscape that draws you in, and more importantly, never lets you out. With bright, pitchy vocals weighted over the top of it all, “Ultra-Beast” becomes a track that is inescapable.

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