AUDIO: Taiyamo Denku – “If I Did An Album With Nick Wiz”

Touted as an EP, Milwaukee hip hop mastermind Taiyamo Denku is back with a new release, entitled “If I Did An Album With Nick Wiz”. Complete with your fair share of 90’s boom bap beats, this is 10 tracks full of Denku tearing apart golden era production. While there are features from Urban Legend, Maximus Da Mantis, DCypha, The Genius, and Mina Fedora, as well as DJ RichardGreicoSuave, the majority of verses are Denku’s to do his thing. One thing is for damn sure; nobody is ever going to accuse Denku of having writers’ block. The Milwaukee emcee puts out new fire regularly. Check out the EP that might as well be an album below:

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