AUDIO: Amerigo Gazaway Presents B.B. King and UGK – “The Trill Is Gone”

One of the hardest things to produce well is a mash-up track, and even moreso, a mashup album. Instead of a remix that needs to do justice to one song, there is pressure to pay proper homage to two artists, in this case being two legends in their own genres. When I initially saw a mashup between blues legend B.B. King and UGK, I cringed and hoped that it would at least be listenable. However, very early into the title track of this project,. I knew that Amerigo Gazaway had a masterpiece on his hand. With the smooth guitar styles of the late B.B. King serving as a canvas, and the verses of the late Pimp C and the trillest in the game, Bun B, we have a southern-style mashup with all sorts of style and honor. It’s funky, it’s smooth, it’s trill. It’s everything you want to hear. And it’s very well done. Check out “The Trill Is Gone” below:

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