Trap Remixes That Are Worth Your Time

Here’s a fun fact; if you type in “trap remix” on SoundCloud, you get entirely way too many obscure results. Nevertheless, I spent an entire day of my life consuming and critiquing said trap remixes, and have compiled some of my favorites here for you. It should be noted that I tended to favor the obscure, as there’s many other hip hop and EDM songs that have gotten the trap star treatment. However, if I’m going to listen to belligerent  hi-hats and take some bass to the dome, then I’d better be entertained whilst doing so. Here’s some of the better trap remixes that I was able to navigate my way to on SoundCloud:

Jay-Z ft Kanye West & Rihanna – Run This Town (Onderkoffer Trap Remix)

Kind of a softball here, given that it’s a hip hop song, but Onderkoffer knew what he was doing when he remixed a song that I already really liked to begin with. Listen to what he does with the Illuminati smash hit:


This is the exact level of obscure that I was going for. I wanted songs that would genuinely sound good in trap form, yet were weird enough that it would take a creative mind to remix them properly. And with that, this childhood favorite of mine became a trap banger thanks to some guy on the internet. I’m not rushing out to dust off my copy of Europo anytime soon, however.


No Hands (Trap Remix)

Another softy, because it’s another hip hop song that I think does fine on it’s own, but did you hear what they did with this thing? Solid work all the way around.


Spongebob- Trap Remix (TheKrustyKrab) by TheRakeHornPipe

Here’s my mandatory disclaimer: there’s a lot of effing Spongebob trap remixes on SoundCloud. Maybe the generation just slightly after me are the core trap demographic, and I’m just basking in what the kids are doing, but here’s one of the better trap mixes I’ve heard. However, the looping sample may be just enough to irritate the living hell out of you, which is secretly the motive of all trap music, as any trap aficionado will tell you. Duh.

Sound ▲

We Will Rock You Trap Remix ( Follow Me For More Trap ! )

I like what was done here, but felt like it could use a little bit of spicing up. There’s also some awkward off beat moments when the “Sing it!” sound clip gets over-used. But hey, it’s a Queen remix. You want to hear that, right?

Tequila Remix (TRAP) (SICK!) [By J. Rabbit]

A legitimately good idea, because trap music is native to the club scene (or the actual trap, but whatever.) In any case, this one’s getting your crowd to the bar, and then back to the dancefloor, hence turning the party up just a little bit more.

Barney Theme Song(SAYMYNAME’s Bacon Trap Remix)FREE DOWNLOAD!!

Remember that Spongebob disclaimer I had before? Well it’s that, just with Barney, too.

Pokémon Trap Remix 2

This was the first time that my mind was legitimately blown during the search results. I would’ve shared part one, too, but it doesn’t hold a candle to what Pokemon Trap Remix 2 does. I love this.

Holder / MLW

Sonic – “Green Trill Zone” (Trap Remix)

Video game music lends itself to trap very well, especially early 8-bit style sounds with glitches and synths galore. In the case of Sonic the Hedgehog, a little bit of slowing down and you’re ready to unleash the trap. Also, I just caught that it was called Green Trill Zone and now it has earned a special place in my heart.

Audien vs. Bastille – Pompeii (Party Thieves Heaven Trap Remix)

I’m gonna be an optimist about this one. It has a lot of elements of the original song, but also a lot of glitch and bass, so just deal with it and know that it doesn’t sound as bad as the song that dominated your radios last summer.

Cliff Morris

Circle Of Life (Trap Remix)

This is certainly last but not least. If you can’t love the opening tribal call to this song with a plethora of trap noises surrounding it, you’re not a millennial. Or if you are, we can’t be friends. Enough said.

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