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Trap Remixes That Are Worth Your Time

Here’s a fun fact; if you type in “trap remix” on SoundCloud, you get entirely way too many obscure results. Nevertheless, I spent an entire day of my life consuming and critiquing said trap remixes, and have compiled some of my favorites here for you. It should be noted that I tended to favor the obscure, as there’s many other

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REVIEW: Bastille at Summerfest, 6/24/2015

Coming off of an extraordinary run throughout the past two years, Bastille took their set to the Miller Lite Oasis for the opening night of Summerfest, where they unfortunately became victims of circumstance. For whatever reason, the festival’s opening night doesn’t always seem to be the ideal slot for headliners, as I fondly remember from last year’s energy-depraved Arctic Monkeys

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