Free Download – Who The Fuck Is Paul McCartney!? – Kanye West x Jennifer Lawrence x Pegboard Nerds

People of the internet haven’t been know for being the most intelligent group, but that doesn’t mean artists can’t reap the benefits. Playing off the hype that people didn’t know who Paul McCartney is, Pegboard Nerds saw the potential for a massive trap hit. By sampling Kanye West’s, “Diamonds from Sierra Leone” and Jennifer Lawrence’s part in “The Hanging Tree” from The Hunger Games OST, the Pegboard Nerds crafted an catchy song that slaps you in the face with intense trap drops. With a title like “Who The Fuck Is Paul McCartney”, samples from both Kanye West and Jennifer Lawrence, there’s no need for Kim Kardashian to break the Internet, these guys do it on their own.

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